Ms. Perfectionist! Sounds Great… Isn’t it? Everything should be to the tops.! No wonder, they say it’s difficult to be a girl! You know, it might be somewhat easier to select a dress to leave anyone astounded but, Girlllllll!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! It’s difficult to choose the most ultimate and exemplary footwear or what! I mean, I always think why doesn’t one footwear go with every dress on this planet. But yeah, it’s not possible . So, you use the search-light on this entire Earth to find the perfect footwear. Right?

Oh, well! Finally, got it covered for you! (pats own shoulder) Here are some of the ideas you can opt for, for the best footwear that will do justice with your iconic dresses!


To all the “Knee-Length Dress” lovers, this is your Go-To partner/footwear. These Heel Peep Toes go really well with bare legs because they look stunning and perfect. Because these peep-toes give you an extra inch of height, your knee-length dress looks even better than it already has been.

If you are not a “short-dress” girl, then Flat Peep Toes can be your friend. Flat Peep Toes do wonders with Opaque Leggings or jeggings, if you are wearing a top till your waist or above that. 


Well, with offices reopening after such a long break, I am sure you must be revamping your wardrobe. Right? With formals coming back for you, you’d like to make the most of the lost time by dressing up to look the best you can ever be!

While choosing slim pants or pencil skirts, don’t forget to choose Stilettos, because they make your legs look slender and more attractive. Stilettos look esthetic with casuals, formals and party wear!


Ever heard of blessing in disguise? Loafers are exactly that for the ladies! They create a traditional look that goes with your Indian Attire. If you are choosing printed patterns, trust me girl, you can always opt for loafers. Loafers are extremely comfortable and make your look a unique one. But, if you want to look young, do not wear these. If you still want to wear them, don’t go for the printed ones, go for the plain ones. There you go, you are good to go!

  • BOOTS:

Hello Winters! Even you thought of this when you saw it’s boots wearing time, right? Well, during the winter season, boots are just an add-on. They make you look damn sexy in winters, but just for better knowledge, boots work great in the fall season as well.! 

Whenever you wanna go for jeans or short dresses, you can always opt for boots. They make your legs look lean. 

Shoes and all types of footwear play an important role in completing your look. You can never wear any random footwear because they could ruin your look!

So what’s your favorite footwear that became your friend in this log run?

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