Hello Creative Heads!!!

How’s everything going? Already fed up? Still looking for ideas to decorate your home like never before? I know, it becomes so hectic and difficult to come up with new, extravagant & unique ideas every time to make your home look extra-different. You keep looking online, and at times you just find old, boring ideas.! Now, how often does it happen to you that you have ideas right in front of your eyes, but you never thought of it? Here’s time to let your creative self do its job! 

But you do know that Pankhuri is always at your rescue, right! So here are a few ideas for you to decorate your home this Diwali!

Yup! Something as easy as Quilling can be such a beauty when used properly and with the right colors. Quilling basically is paper strips that can be turned and twisted to get into anything you like. Now, how can something as easy as paper strips be used to decorate your home? These quill strips can create every and anything you like. On the occasion of Diwali, you can create Quilling Mandala Hanging with bright colors and give the final touch by adding lights to it.

These mandala hangings always give your home walls a unique touch because “hanging” traditions never go out of style and trend! They are BUDGET FRIENDLY & it’ll take less time. Other than Mandalas, you can create many more designs


Umm… What?? Is that the thought that came to your mind? Like, what is this girl talking about because it’s such an old idea!?! But guess what…. This is not what you would have tried. Okay, people… It’s tried and tested! I am sure, you all must have CDs at home that must be going into waste. Why don’t you recreate it to the best and most attractive candle holders? And not only that, you can also recreate it to CANDLE HANGERS. Now what is the use of “rope” here?

Usually what people do is, they cut the CD’s as they like, and then they add some shiny mirrors to it. But that’s not what we are gonna do. You can cover CDs with rope using Fabric Glue only. This will give them an antique look. With the CDs covered with rope, you have a liberty to add anything your heart desires for! Remember the quilling idea? You can quil those paper strips to small flowers and stick on the sides creating one single design. On the other side, keep floating candles so when the wax melts, it won’t ruin your rope. There are many such designs that you create!


Still talking about HOME DECOR only, guys!! Glass bottles are every ones’ go-to decor partner! Isn’t it? When you get nothing, let your creative self save you with the Glass Bottles! Painting the bottles is really old-fashioned, isn’t it? So, this time before you paint the bottles, try giving them some unique looks. Try adding indoor plants to it and then paint it with bright contrasting colors! Once it’s done, you can always add lights to it if you’d like!


This is the easiest and the cheapest home decor you can ever opt for! All you need is, Floating Candles, Glasses & Flowers of your choice! You can use this combination to decorate your living room and any table you have! This combination can also be used to decorate your temples! All you have to do is take the flower petals and spread them on the place where you’d like to decorate. Keep a glass upside down on the petals and put a floating candle on top and light it. Trust me, it’d look extra beautiful because these flowers & candles make the glass shine and the lights that are nearby this combination highlight the flowers as well!

Do try this combination and share the pictures with us!

So, what idea did you like the best? There can be 100’s of ideas that you could always try and create a unique home decor! If you are still looking for super-amazing ideas, do visit! You’ll find different and easy ideas like never before!

HAPPY DIWALI! Hope you have a safe one!

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