Does it ever happen with you, while watching any fashion show you wish for that dress and you think how magnificent you would look in that!

How you wish to enhance that dress on you! But, something always halts your thoughts ! Ever figured out what’s stopping you from being that style statement and being the next “FASHION KA JALWA” queen?

Let’s clear things up a little for you. You know, there is an unspoken rule that says- don’t only dress up as per your comfort but also as per your skin tone! Your skin tone plays an important role in your dressing. Always choose dresses that match your skin-tone and trust me…. You’ll look fab!

Now, the question arises, what dresses or what styles go with which skin-tone

Read on…..

Your skin tone can be split into 3 categories-

  • Cool
  • Warm
  • Neutral

Every category is priceless in its own way and hence they require exceptional treatment. Now, let’s learn how to dress up accordingly.


Having Cool Skin Tone means you can plump up for cool colors from the palette. You can always opt for black, white or 50 shades of blue. Yes, they work the best for you. Colors like Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Deep Purples, Lavender, Lilac Snow, etc. bring out your inner beauty because of your COOL SKIN TONE.!


Warm colors are mainly made for Warm Skin Tone only. They not only compliment your skin tone but also make you look unique. Warm Skin Tone can choose colors such as brown, yellow, peach, deep yellows, olives, khakis, oranges, rust, etc. because they themselves are warm yet refined colors which allow you to boost your fashion confidence.


So basically, Neutral skin tone is one of the most beneficial ones of all times because most of the times every color goes with it. You can fabricate combinations with different contrasting colors which help you create a look that’ll make people want to copy and heed! 

Always select colors from the middle of the color wheel. Now what’s that? 

Let’s go deeper into it….. Shall we?

Neutral skin tone allows you to go for softer colors maximum times. So to make it clearer, choose light peach, dusty pinks, soft rose, pale blues, jade greens etc. and it’ll tone your face and body more! 

Try to choose softer tones and steer clear of brighter colors to complete your look.

You know what’s more important? That you feel confident with whatever you wear! Before you choose anything to wear, keep in mind that your confidence will justify the dress on you. Comfort and confidence go hand in hand and so make sure with the color, you shine with your comfort as well! 


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