Who doesn’t want to be a Fashionista? Who doesn’t want to create something unique and want people to follow them? But, doesn’t that become challenging at times? Don’t you feel like it’s a difficult task to be a Fashionista and inspire others?

There is a guide to everything on this Earth!

You just need to look towards the right place to inspire not only others but yourself too. So, to make everything easy for you, here you have the BEST GUIDE TO FASHION to complete your major work. Always remember that everyone has a different taste and different styling sense for which you need to keep in mind how you could impress others with your fashion.


What we mostly forget is that over-doing something can lead to a bad impression. Before you leave the house, always have a look in the mirror and remove the unnecessary accessories or make-up that makes your look “OVER STYLED”. To maintain the balance, always remember to choose your clothes and accessories wisely, that is, they should blend together nicely and comfortably.

For example, if you have opted for a dress that is in a darker shade, choose light colored accessories. Choosing dark accessories with dark clothes usually don’t go hand in hand.



Just to follow the trend, what some of us do is that we go for whatever clothing we have in trend at that current moment. Most of us forget that NOT ALL TRENDS ARE MADE FOR EVERY BODY! Sometimes you need to forget the trend and instead go for something that will definitely suit you. Now, the question arises, without going for trend and without trying new things, how would you find what’s preferable? It’s as easy as it sounds! Always choose FITTING CLOTHES.

Yes, fitting clothes always work the best! And to make it one of the most spectacular looks, try for dark colors because they hide the “EXTRA SHOW-OFF” if you are insecure about it! Advantage of dark colors is that you can always slay in it!


Always know the power of accessories! To know what wonders accessories can do, stand in front of a mirror with the outfit you have chosen for the day and try to accessorize. You’ll find a difference like never before! Normalize wearing accessories even with western outfits. Once and for all, you will fall in love with accessories!

Do try and share how it was!


 Finally when you are satisfied with fitting clothes, right accessories and you know the balance, it’s time to understand the footwear properly. Don’t over-do your footwear as well! Now I know, some of you must be wondering, how can anyone over-do footwear. Trust me girl, there are people who wear heavy footwear with extremely plain outfits. You need to keep in mind while you select footwear, you have a dress to show off as well! With plain jeans and top, go for flats. With heavy dresses, you can opt for wedges. There you go!

You can slay the world now!

Now  you can go and inspire others and be the fashionista that you have always wished to be! Let your secret be an inspiration for others!

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