What is that one thing that you can’t go without? What is that one thing that completes your look as well as the requirements! One thinks that makeup is something that girls can’t go without. But the real MVP for girls is BAGS. May it be sling bags, cross-body bags, tote bags, belt bags, or any other variety, we girls cannot go without them, can we?. They not only fulfill all our requirements but now they are a Fashion as well as Style Statement, being one of the most important tools! 

With new dress styles being in trend, we lack pockets which later on becomes a problem to keep your stuff. Hence, it is essential to carry a bag with you! But, not every bag goes with every dress, now, does it? So, it becomes crucial for us to learn which bag will complete your look! Nothing beats a Classic Handbag!

Let me make it easier for you. Go ahead and read all about the bags and the dressing style it’ll go with!


Also known as the “All Seasons Bag”, TOP HANDLE BAGS are those that go with any and every outfit you choose for yourself. If you want to slay the look, choose any outfit with full sleeves to it. It will not only make the bag look great, but it will also make your dress look even better than it already is! Always remember, the bag should be in contrast with the dress! So choose it wisely!


Tell me you love comfort, without telling me you love comfort!!!!!! I’ll go first. Always choose Cross-Body Bags with casual outfits. A fun fact: When it comes to utility, nothing beats Cross-Body Bags! These bags reign supreme. What’s better than having a bag with all your utilities and still not having to carry it! That’s the advantage of Cross-Body bags, it’s handsfree! These kinds of bags never go out of style.  


These are one of those bags that come in a minimalistic look as well as the shape. To complete your look for the day, you can always opt for these bags. This all-carrying bag adds a great look!  


Belt Bags are a great investment for any girl for a great fashion. Although the size of the bags is small, they still hold your 3 most important things while you move out, that is, money, phone and lipstick. These belt bags last all seasons with every style statement you want to create. 

So which bag did you like the best? Which is that one bag that you are going to add to your wardrobe?

Happy Shopping!

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