Top 5 Face Exfoliators under Rs. 500!

As significant as face scrubs are in removing toxins and dirt from the core of your skin, they also play a vital role in unleashing the glow from within that you always craved for. Exfoliators can be the ultimate game changers in your skincare routine when coupled with other essentials. They hold the power to transform the overall appearance of your skin in a jiffy. So, to all the problems that have wreaked havoc on the face for quite a while now, it’s time we bid adieu. 

Here’s a directory of our fabulous 5 Face Exfoliators which guarantee improvement in the overall quality of your skin when used regularly :

  1. Khadi Rose and Papaya Face Scrub 

Give your skin a sweet treat with this face exfoliator. Enriched with the goodness of Rose water and Papaya extracts, this scrub not only cleans the pores of all the toxins but also whitens and lightens pigmented areas of the face. 

  1. Quench Face Scrub 

To all the folks with dry skin, this is your best fit. This face scrub while deep cleansing your pores, also hydrates your skin and keeps over dryness at bay preventing any redness or inflammation on your face. 

  1. MCaffeine Naked and Raw Coffee Face Scrub 

Made with 100% pure coffee, this scrub is crafted to knock your socks off. Benefits that make this exfoliator one of the best in the game include de-puffing of face and gold facial like glow among many others. 

  1. Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Oatmeal Scrub

Oatmeal is known to instantly refresh the skin and clear away all the trapped- in dirt and pollutants under the surface of the skin. With that logic, this scrub helps you get a brighter skin within the first few times of usage aside from providing deep nourishment. 

  1. Wow Skin Science Ubtan Face Scrub 

Following age long traditional Indian skincare rituals, this Ubtan face scrub is packed with natural ingredients like sandalwood and turmeric extracts which help in double cleansing the pores and remove pigmentation from the face giving it a lighter and radiant look. 

Exfoliation as a skincare regime step is just as important as cleansing – it’s deep cleansing. The deeper you clean your pores, the healthier your skin will stay. For a more supple and clean skin, exfoliate twice or thrice a week after a facial steam bath and see the magic! 


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