Doesn’t summer mean tanned skin, rashes, sweat, and allergies all over again? But what is the biggest problem that it brings along with it? It’s CLOTHES! Surely, many of us would agree with the fact of not having proper clothes to spend our summers in. Something that won’t make you sweat and something that is in trend too! How to get two-in-one and beat the blues! Well, that’s something to think about. 

Here are some ideas that could make you stand out from the crowd! Create your Fashion-Style Statement.

Your mood plays an important role when it comes to selecting clothes. And this pandemic has given us some serious mood swings issues, hasn’t it? 

2021 will focus on happy colors with the idea in mind that it may make people hopeful after the months of restrictions and being confined to one place only. 

Did you notice how the trend is moving towards comfort? 

People prefer comfort over tight-fitting clothes. With the pandemic affecting the fashion sense and the trend, girls feel the most comfortable in Linen Shirts. Did you ever notice the airport looks of the Bollywood stars? How do they choose to be extra-comfy? Linen shirts are something that never goes out of style. You can keep them under both categories: Trend/Fashion and Comfort. They beat the blues!


One thing that we all prefer in clothes is Jumpsuits. They have become a style statement in the current time. Truth be told, they are one of the most comfortable pieces of cloth you’ll ever come across. They are suitable for all age groups and most importantly, it is an ideal summer day outfit that you can choose over any other day. Make sure you choose a bright-colored Jumpsuit. It makes you look sexy!


Let us face it, people, nothing can beat baggy clothes. You may try, but 98% of the time you will fail. Once you move to baggy clothes, trust us, there is no going back! You don’t want your clothes to stick to your body in this scorching heat. Wearing baggy clothes will evaporate all the moisture and will let the air pass through keeping you cool. What’s even better is that you can choose baggy pants or ripped jeans with the baggy T-Shirt that you are wearing! 

This year has become a year of Loose Fitting. Let’s get this trend on and let’s GO COMFORTABLE.

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