Raise your hand if you are still sceptical about wearing white on Holi!

We feel you!

It’s Holi hai time, but before you slip into the mood to celebrate the most-awaited festival of colours and love. First things first! While we enjoy smearing our friends and family with gulaal, it’s imperative we are dressed in comfortable yet fashionable clothes to enjoy the festive spirit without any worries.

Wee all know that white looks cool! Like movies kinda cool, especially on Holi. Boys can wear either white kurta-pajama or white shirt (or t-shirt) that they can pair with denim. For girls, options are limitless. From kurta to top they can wear anything. But are you also skeptical of wearing white on holi? Or any other light color for that matter? Well, we are with you. Hence, we have come up with 5 reasons that might be the reason to not opt for white this Holi!

It Can Get All Transy-Transy!!

White fabric tend to turn sheer when they come in contact with water. Hence, there’s much of a risk if wardrobe malfunnctions as you had imagined.

Not A Environmental-Friendly Choice

Being an advocate of making sustainable fashion choices. I prefer wearing darker shades – the ones that can be worn even after holi – A thoughtful decision keeping in mind the ecological footpints we are already leaving behind.

Why not be different?

While most people prefer wearing white..why not be different by making bold sartorial choices – being experimental and opting for quirky outfits that speaks of your personality – something that’s more in line with the spirit of this beautiful festival of colors.

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