6 Budget-Friendly Pink Lipsticks That Are True Beauty Legends

There’s a shade for every mood!

Beauty trends come and go, but some products can stand the test of time. Whether it’s an all-time favourite red lipstick or a can’t-live-without mascara, we all have beauty staples that are indispensable. From being an amateur beauty-lover to a full-time beauty writer – I undertook an alluring journey over the past decade.

The only makeup product that I was fixated with since my late teens and the one that majorly defined my style aesthetics over the past years is the quintessential Lipstick

Even if I’m not wearing any other makeup, I always have Lipstick on – a beauty lesson passed on through generations – from my granny to my mother, none of them stepping out without putting on their favourite hues.

True reds to nuanced nudes – I’ve always been on a scout for a new shade to love. In beauty, there is no category more timeless than Lipstick. There’s something about wearing pink lips that give confidence, making one feel invincible. There’s a colour for everyone, and the right shade can add a boost of radiance to all complexions. Ahead, we’ve curated 6 budget-friendly pink lipsticks that look damn gorgeous on Indian skin tone!

Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick – Pink Curve

Use it as a blush or swipe it when in a rush: The sheer versatility of this lipstick shade is unmatched.

Lakme Cushion Matte Lipstick – Pink Prom

This shade is an effortless way to elevate your mood and style!

Lakme Forever Matte Liquid Lip Color – Pink Punch

Just one transformative swipe across your lips and your outfit can look put together and chicer.

Nykaa Matte-ilicious Lip Crayon Lipstick – Pink On Fleek 03

I’ve always leaned towards a classic pink – a shade that echoes tenacity.

Lakme Absolute Matte Ultimate Lip Color With Argan Oil – Berry Boost

Give a boost of radiance to your complexion with berry boost shade from Lakme.

Lakme 9 to 5 Primer + Matte Lipstick – MM1 Mauve Matter

A rose shade that’ll look like it’s barely there, but won’t leave you looking tired.

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