7 Cool & Hip New’s Year Nail Art

Hey hey, New Year is just around the corner, and I know your outfits are sorted but are your NAILS too? Come fight the Nail battle with us and win it in style!

Classy Blue

Emerald Fresh Blue Nails are evergreen and trendy more when it comes to New Year’s.

Disco Silver

Go a little 90s style with these pretty and beautiful silver nails that will get you in the “Its the time to Disco mood” that can be your New Year go to look and sound as well.

Goldy Golden

These golden nails are amazing and can be used with almost every outfit. Bookmark them for any day of your New Year Plans.

Give me Glitter!

A little bit of matte and a little bit of metallic, mismatch is the only mix that you need this year. You have tried mixing your prints, silhouettes and clothes in your wardrobe, a little mix in the nails would do no harm!

Be Beady

Go all beady while experimenting with your New Year’s Party Look. Sometimes all you need is a beautiful white dress and a pop of bead to look Glam.

Black & Gold

A little bit of Black and Gold combo is the only booster pack you would need for your outfit. Go Classic all way.

Foil it up!

A little experiment with Gold Foil is the best thing you can do to your nails for New Year’s party. Just a small amount of Foil with Matte is seriously the OG of fashionable nails.

These were our Nail Files. File them up and make them ready for the New Year vibe. Go twinning with your outfits and nails.

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