Footwear Kit : Build your capsule box

Hey hey, if you are a footwear lover and love to keep your heels in place, then I know you. I feel you and your need to keep your footwear stacked up, in a dressy way, all packed. And having said that, I am sure you would love these staple items to add to a kit that you would love.

Trust us when we say this, you would need Cotton swabs to remove scratches from your shoes. The Anti- blister stick comes in handy when you have painful blisters and shoe bites and will thankfully save your feet.

You can use these gel pads for some additional relief. You can use the body clothing tape strips to retain stickiness on your gel pads.

Then there are up items such as body tape aka fashion tape, which can be used to restore some extra gel. While shoe cleaning solution is the best option to get a little shine on your shoes while you are on the run. Thick socks will come in handy if your shoes are a little loose. Sand paper is shoes’ soles; you can rub them for a better grip on the floor.

Heel seats are another name for heel pads to be inserted inside your shoes for comfort. Dry shampoo is for when you feet feel sweaty inside the shoes. Protective heel caps are an add on for your stilettos to prevent the heel from any damage.

We all know what black shoe polishes are for. Brush your leather ones till you see a mirror reflection of yourself. Heel pads are for that extra comfort. Shoe Stretchers are for shoes that are too tight for you, just place them inside your shoes and work our size out, while extended heels pads also serve the same purpose.

That’s all for our exemplary travel friendly footwear kit that you can build. Keep changing options as you like and have happy feet.

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