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We are pretty sure that you must have heard of a brand, fashion haul, but ever heard of a Skincare Haul?

Hey lovelies. Its the season of new things. New things, includes latest and hottest trends when it comes to skincare. As much we love makeup tools, beauty first starts from within. So read on, to find our latest top picks for you.

Foreo Massager

Foreo’s face massager has become the favourite of all people who want their skin flawless in a natural way. With its silicone body and bristles. Massaging the face while washing is also what dermatologists recommend if you want.

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Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

Neutrogena light therapy acne spot treatment works wonders for people who are looking for a magic wand to fade away the scars. Just literally move the wand over your spot, do a spot treatment and repeat it for 1 week and you will start to see considerable changes.

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Dermaflash Luxe Flash for peach fuzz

This tool is amazing if you use razor and have peach fuzz. A peach fuzz is the light ingrown hair which you can spot on your face by lightly touching it, if it feels rough , you have a peach fuzz.

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Sarah Chapman’s pore cleanser

It is the beauty tool of the month. It will massage onto your pores just the way you want to. Plus its so small, that it can be easily portable anywhere. Cleaning out your pores once in a while is mandatory and keeps the skin healthy from within.

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Nurse Jamie Uplift Facial Massager

Want a massager that removes wrinkles? Welcome Nurse Jamie uplift to your beauty kit. Massage each desired area for 30-45 seconds. This tool promotes anti-aging techniques used in most renowned collagen boosting facials that usually cost a lot. Instead buy this product and get a home facial easily. The best part is that it is suitable for most skin types.

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That was our little yet mindful products’ list that you should definitely try. You can find these products at Amazon & Nykaa. Go as they are on Diwali discounts!

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