Mane Makeover: The complete guide to picking the right hair colour for your wedding

It’s your day to shine. For most of us, it’s a moment we’ve been planning our whole life, constantly glancing through picture-perfect Pinterest boards for inspiration. From what you will wear, to how you will do your hair – everything has to fit perfectly. And when it comes to your hair – there are two things to consider – your hairstyle and your hair colour.

Do you remember contemplating colouring your hair and not going ahead? More often than not, the pre-excitement of getting a fresh hair colour is met with the anti-climax of ‘I’m pretty sure this is not what I wanted. Hair makeovers can pose quite a dilemma and you’d want to be sure before you get one before your wedding.

But, getting a new hair colour is an amazing choice as it adds character to your hair and gives you a whole new look. Still, wondering if you should do this or not? Let Pankhuri help you decide.

From subtle tones for the traditional bride to soft shades for the romantic girl – we give you a fool-proof guide on choosing the perfect hair colour based on your personality.


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For the contemporary bride, we recommend a global hair colour with a soft triangular panel with Illumina colour in the front,. Try and stick to gemstones and copper throughout, to create a standout look.


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Opt for deep red tones to ace your look. So, whether you wear your hair up, or pulled back, it will have a dimension and not just one colour.


Image: Happyinthehead

For the torch-bearer of all things chic, we recommend keeping things simple. Try cooler tones at the end of your locks for a subtle ombre with cool ash tones.

The Romantic Bride

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For the eternal romantic, go with sun-kissed tones from the warm brown family. Try subtle highlights throughout your hair with a special focus to the hairline to bring some width to your face.

The Bohemian Bride

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Are you an eternal boho soul and wedding fun is what you’re looking for? You are the life of every party and your wedding will be nothing short of a blast. The boho bride should play with multiple highlights, These will give depth and dimension whether you like to wear your hair in curls or even in waves.

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