7 Outfits for 7 days- Honeymoon Edit

Honeymoons are blissful and fun. But shopping for honeymoon can be sometimes a hard task and often finding a needle in the haystack. And while you are searching, its important to find the best needle.

So we bring to your top top roasted 7 outfits for your honeymoon goody days. Read on.

  1. DAY 1: Travelling :This oufit is usually the Travel one. Tees, simple kurtas, a pair of jeans/shorts(depending on the location) are ideal, but since its honeymoon, you can opt for finer textiles such as silks and wear tops that have simple prints such as cheques and polka dots. Do wear a light lip, add some sunglasses and an additional scarf with some extra comfy travel-friendly slippers.
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DAY 2: For Sightseeing : For this look, you can go with elegant jumpsuits that really look glam. For more glam, choose fun prints such as floral, colourful and aztec or even heart prints as they look adorable.

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Day 3 : Beach & Fun

Beaches are fun? Right, and so are the beachwear dresses. With a bunch of options available online, just pick out the ones which you like. But your Beachwear staple kit should include of a sarong, a swimwear costume, a printed cover up dress which is flowy, a pair of comfy slippers and a bamboo hat.

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Day 4: Dinner Date

A honeymoon without these dates are incomplete. For such dates pick out evening dresses in light colour or you can wear a bodycon depending on the type of your personal taste. Add an amazing pretty pair of heels, some jewellery with some beautiful glowy makeup and you are good to go.

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Day 5 :Adventure/Athleisure Wear

For this day you can keep it athleisure with some tees with a cool pair of white/ black sneakers as classic colours never go out of style. Add some basic nude makeup with bold lips and lightly styled hair.

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6. Happy Couple Shopping

This day is a relaxed yet hectic one. So choose an outfit accordingly. An outfit that is sexy and comfy at the same time. A strappy dress with a nice V- neck with a bit of flare is the best outfit. Add a pair of comfy slip-ons as you are going to be shopping a lot!

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7.Accessories+ Tips to Pack

Last not definitely not the least and actually that should be done is this. Pack all the light materials and don’t forget to include the following:



-An extra pair of slippers, shoes

-Makeup(Basic +Party)

-Accessories(light jewellery)



-Extra Lingerie

-Insect repellent



With this our edit ends, but we hope your honeymoon travels are never ending and many more to come! Travel safe.

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