Five Golden Hued Ethnic Wear

If you are a bride who loves to keep up with the #trends like peeps #keepupwiththekardarshians, then mark this post as your top-read. Gold is every girl’s colour; chic and classic. If you want to know which Gold to match up with your skin-tone, do read on.

Rose Gold

Image Source- Pinterest

Rose Gold is one such color that suits on two skin tones best- dusky and fair. Rose Gold lehengas are often complimented with light embroidery and beautiful flowy silhouettes to justify the colour itself. Pick up a design similar to this colour and add your own personal elements.

Champagne Gold

Image Source- Sabyasachi

Champagne Gold is more suited for the wheatish tones. This gold is best complimented with heavy color to match up the colour’s intensity. Embroidered work and heavy embellishments with heavy pleats look best when crafted in this tone. Match up your style by opting in for this gold when shopping next.

Dusty Gold

Image Source- Shantanu & Nikhil

Dusty gold looks on fair skin type. Since the colour’s intensity leans over a dark side as compared to other hues, this colour often is complimented with heaviest work and is very well able to justify it as excellent. If you are someone who prefers wearing darker shades of Golden that too with heavy work, this shade is the one for you.

Burnt Gold

Image Source- Manish Malhotra

This Gold comes out as opposite its name. Its a perfect blend of Golden and Cream and hence the name burnt. The colour intensifies but only at the edges of an attire. It looks good on people who really love variation in their designs and prefer two tone colour palette as a reflection. So if you are someone who really loves contrast, this shade will bring out the best in you.

Metallic Gold

Image Source- Amit Aggarwal

Think Metal. Now think metal that melts. That is exactly what metal when interwined into a fabric looks like. Morever, metallic fabrics and outfits are for people who really love extremely explorative designs in their textiles and fabrics. If you are someone who is artistic, this would definitely suit your personality.

With that said, do shop for outfits as per your style taste and likes as well, because after all its your big day and you have to be the #Queen.

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