Behold: 10 ultrachic concept Sarees we Love!

As our social media feed is brimming with Intimate Wedding Outfit Inspiration – I took it upon myself to bring to you 10 modern iterations of the 6-yard wardrobe staple that are equally chic, versatile and comfortable.

As a bridesmaid, guest, best friend or favourite cousin, there’s much running around to do in the absence of full-fledged wedding planners. However, being a significant occasion in the life of the person you love, it inevitably becomes your important day too! So how does one exactly bridge this gap between being useful and looking ultra stylish at the same time? The answer is a time-saving, easy-to-carry and elegant-looking ensemble. Pre-stiched sarees cater precisely to this.

Image Credits: Shehlaa

The easy silhouette may look like a summer mainstay wich is chic, light-weight and oh-so-dreamy.

Image Credits: Reeti Arneja

If It’s all about classics for you. Then this beautiful concept saree is soothing to the senses and is sure to render you looking like a vintage dream! 

Image Credits: Mishru

This saree is the perfect thing to have in your arsenal to make a statement at your BFF’s intimate wedding.

Image Credits: Manish Malhotra

A style so forever, we’d be shocked if it wasn’t already in your closet.

Image Credits: Amit Aggarwal

Waltzing around in a saree that is as stylish as it is comfy is non-negotiable. Amit Aggarwal makes the case in this minimal chic saree.

Image Credits: Anushree Reddy

The best part about this Saree? One-slip dressing, just slide it on, throw your hair in a bun, and done. Comfort included.

Image Credits: Amit Aggarwal

So what if it’s a home wedding, that’s not a good enough reason to underplay yourself. You can still wear your style with panache in this glamorous saree and look like the diva you’ve envisioned to be!

Image Credits: Sonam & Paras

Concept sarees are also about setting some major fashion goals as they are about comfort. This Sonam & Paras ensemble blends the best of both the world for you to rock and make an impactful appearance at your folk’s home wedding! 

Image Credits: Falguni Shane Peacock

A glamourous number with a figure-flattering silhouette, accentuated with a conservative neckline and mid-barring style is no less than a dream ensemble.

Image Credits: Amit Aggarwal

It’s all in the details: This home wedding season opt for something unique, comfortable and exciting like this! This concept saree is handcrafted with a structured palla with metallic polymer strips.

Dear ladies, leaving you on this delightful note, we hope you embrace the idea of experimental sarees in the age of this pandemic-driven home weddings!


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