Presenting: Your ultimate cheat sheet to slaying those Bridesmaid responsibilities.

OMW to be the best bridesmaid ever!

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, congrats! It’s a huge honour to be invited to stand with your loved one on their wedding day. But you might also be asking yourself — what bridesmaid duties am I responsible for, exactly? What are a bridesmaid’s responsibilities for before, during and even after the wedding day? Well, you’re right about one thing — standing at the altar with a smile on her face is not a bridesmaid’s only job. Consider this your ultimate checklist to slaying those bridesmaids responsibilities.

Bridesmaid duties before the wedding

  • Plan the hen party.
  • Create a WhatsApp group with the bride and all the bridesmaids.
  • Check it with the couple frequently – offer practical help as often as you can.
  • Visit the marriage venue if required – help make decisions on format and décor.
  • Help with any wedding DIY sessions.
  • Make yourself available for wedding ceremony dress buying and fittings whenever possible.
  • Make yourself available for bridesmaids, for shopping sessions,
  • Concentrate on any wedding planning woes – be supportive and enthusiastic.
  • Flip all pre-wedding occasions into an excuse for cake and/or cocktails.
  • Book a few pre-wedding pampering sessions – tan, nails, waxing, facials, etc.
  • Get a wedding gift for her.

Bridesmaid responsibilities for the wedding week.

  • If possible, try to take a couple of days off work, so that you can help.
  • Attend any rehearsal dinners or beauty appointments.
  • Help with transport, last-minute errands and wedding set-up.
  • Make sure you have the shoes, accessories, and undies you need.
  • Help the bride to pack.
  • Prep an on-the-day emergency kit.
  • Prep a morning playlist for the wedding day and buy something bubbly.
  • Help diffuse any pre-wedding ceremony stress or tensions.
  • Get a list of suppliers and their contact data for the day.
  • Get a duplicate of the marriage timeline and familiarise yourself with it.

Duties for the morning of the wedding day.

  • Wake up early, try and get ready and on time
  • Assisting the surroundings in the room upbeat – tunes on!
  • Make sure the bride eats breakfast.
  • Ensure the hair and make-up are running on time.
  • Introduce yourself as a point of contact to all relevant people, just like the photographer, videographer or venue coordinator.
  • Keep an eye on the time throughout the event.
  • Keep troubles away from the couple.
  • Ensure the prep room doesn’t get too warm or crowded, it needs to be a fun, calm area for the bride.
  • Help the bride in getting dresses and assist her with footwear and jewellery.

Bridesmaid responsibilities during the Wedding Ceremony

  • Assist her inside and outside of vehicles, or downstairs if she needs help.
  • Fix her dress and veil for the day, at the pinnacle of the aisle, or while posing for photos
  • Take her bouquet for the ceremony.
  • Set up a ‘Just Married’ sign at the back of the wedding car.
  • Help family members with photos.
  • Carry an emergency kit and the bride’s lipstick – let her know if she needs to refresh her look.
  • Help her go to the toilet if required.
  • Make a speech – we love it when a woman takes the mic.
  • Get the guests to sign the guestbook or go to the photo booth.
  • Be first on the dance ground and encourage others to keep it filled for the night!
  • Arrange for candles, rose petals and bubbles in the honeymoon suite.

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