10 Best Bridesmaid hairstyle your friends will actually want to wear.

I mean, it’s not too early to be dreaming of weddings, right?

After over three months of working remotely, we’ve reached a point where the temptation to stay in our pyjamas is pervasive, as is the desire to wear slippers all day long and style your hair for that one zoom meeting your colleagues have initiated. With nowhere to go, we are reminiscing about the days when we used to doll up for a club stroll, or a house party or for movie nights with friends. But to lighten up your mood, I’m happy to announce that you’ll soon be attending virtual weddings and here’s your opportunity to get dressed.

Yes, wedding season will resume soon – if not with all the glitz and glamour but still virtually surrounded by the love and warmth of our “nearest and dearest” ones. We might finally have a chance to put our best fashion foot forward with a gorgeous makeup look and an exclusive drape. And most importantly – an exclusive hairdo, of course! Ahead, I rounded up so many modern, fun, and cute options that won’t compete with the main attraction (the bride, obvi). Including updos for long, crimped hair and everything in between, here are 39 bridesmaids hairstyles that everyone is sure to love.


Want to be the next Rupanzal? This hairdo is best for People with long and medium hair length, this is going to look gorgeous on you! Additionally, you can accessorize the bun using cute clips.


We encourage people with shoulder-length hair or a bob to try it out. It is going to break the monotony of your hairstyle. You can go overboard with Shraddha Kapoor’s cute style of adding mogras to her hair.


A look that gets you runway ready! Wear a deep plunging neckline and opt for a bold eye makeup if you are going to opt for this sleek look.


Oh no, we don’t mean you should get married (or, should you? Haha!) Here is an elegant way to style your hair. Top knotted hairdos are the cutest of all. In fact, we could call it the universal hairstyle that makes one look picture perfect!

Sleek and Straight

No need to be super extra with your hairstyle—a middle part and a sleek, straight look is all you need to keep it cute without going overboard.

Layered Hair

TBH, you can’t go wrong with layers. They instantly add body, texture, and volume. Oh, and if you bump the ends, they look really freakin’ pretty.


Crimped hair is back and it’s prettier than ever. If you need to add some length to your hair, consider clip-in extensions. They’re not too pricey and you can pop them out after your bridesmaid duties are over.


Wanna be a ~cool~ bridesmaid? Give your ponytail some edge by choosing this textured look. It’s fun and a nice change from all those sleek ponys you see everywhere.


If you don’t feel like completely changing your hair texture, style your natural curls as you normally would, but add a touch of sparkle for the occasion with a beaded accessory like this one.


This effortless half-up style with tousled waves has “beach wedding” all over it.

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