Six tips for Brides-to-be to get started on your fitness journey!

Wi-Fi is the only Gym Buddy you need anyway.

Weddings are stressful, and we don’t want anything more than to help our bride-to-be feel confident and look her best on the day that’s so special to her. A popular way to do that is taking a walk down the fitness path. With six months in hand, do not worry if you think you are late because better late than never, right?


Cardio is an essential part of a workout routine. Walking briskly, running, and even generic warm-up regime is a good step towards losing weight, and a great way to kick starts your workout plan. However, don’t get involved in lengthy cardio sessions, instead, incorporate short cardio circuits with strength training.

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EAT HEALTHY: Your exercise will only prove to be useful if you stick to a healthy diet plan. So, stop eating processed food and cut down on that added sugar content. Add fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet but do not eliminate macro-proteins as it is not good for a long term plan. 

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HEALTHY BEVERAGES: It is time to say goodbye to caffeine and alcohol. These drinks are widely known to cause long term health-related issues, and for a bride-to-be, they are the things that are going to put you back to square one. They provoke unnecessary calorie consumption and impair your sleeping patterns. Replace these beverages with herbal tea that are rich in antioxidants and take you a step forward towards a fit body.

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BE REALISTIC, NOT EXTREME: Do not rush your fitness plans. Set realistic and achievable goals. Honestly, when you find yourself slowly progressing, you would also feel happy. Don’t worry if they are small; move at your own pace. Even an eight-minute workout plan is a good go-to target.

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TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: Your best motivator is your progress, so do not forget to keep track on it. Check your weight and measurements every fifteen days. You can also make small alterations in your fitness regime based on your progress.

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TAKE YOUR BEAUTY SLEEP: This is a very crucial step not only towards the fitness of your body but also for a good, glowing skin. Sleeping for proper hours helps your body to function well so that you can carry out the hardcore fitness routine. It enables you to regain the energy you need to keep going. Meanwhile, sleeping well means bidding farewell to those eye bags for the good. 

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