FYI, Creating beach-y waves can be legit easy.

No stress, no mess, no frantic texts to your hairstylist

lol, beach waves—Remember beach-y hair? Remember beaches? Remember the world not being on fire in a thousand distinct ways?! Yeah, 2020 has been wild. But even though you may not be heading back to the beach anytime soon (or, you know, even live near a beach), it doesn’t mean you can’t try this hairdo at home, even if you have incredibly short hair, and even shorter sanity/patience.

Beach waves are your one-stop solution for literally any event. So whether you want to learn how to do beach waves because you have a Zoom date tonight, or you need a distraction, or because you’re just bored – here’s the ultimate guide to getting those mermaid curls.

First and foremost, detangle your hair. Make sure there are no knots by combing your hair thoroughly. Do not forget to apply heat protectant serum on your hair.

Middle-part your hair. In case you have thin hair, you can part it in two or three sections. If you have thick hair, make four partitions. Clip all the sections except the one you are going to work with.

Now take a flat iron or curler and tilt it downwards to get out-curls. Slowly move the curls outwards, away from your face. For in-curls, do the opposite- place the flat iron or curler under your hair and move it towards your face.

Repeat the process and create in-ward or out-ward curls for your entire hair, one section at a time. Use your fingers to gently open up the curls and make it look loose, natural and seamless. And, there you have your beach curls ready!

CONCLUSION: This effortless look is perfect for any hair length- be it long or shoulder-length or plain bob! The quality of your hair should also be least of your worries because beach waves aim to make your hair look voluminous and frizz-free.

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