When Shahrukh Proposed to Hanna – It was Magical!

The wedding proposal planned by Shahrukh for the love of his life Hanna

Hanna and Shahrukh say “love is a lot like magic. They both require a great deal of practice, and once you’ve mastered the art of loving, it can delight the heart and enrich your soul.”

Shahrukh and Hanna’s love story is beautiful, and Sharukh’s wedding proposal swiped us under our feet.

All the deets…

All Hanna knew was Shahrukh had planned a romantic dinner, she was in for a big surprise when she arrived at the private beach hired by Shahrukh for the special occasion. On arrival, Hanna was astonished to see a well-decorated and lit pathway heading to the love of her life Shahrukh. There were flowers, candles, champagne, fairy lights, guitarist, and a few hotel staff holding the big question “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Will you marry me?

“The proposal was nothing short of a fairytale and indeed, the most magical moment of my life (yet)” says Hanna.

The couple had plans of getting married in April. However, due to the ongoing pandemic prompted them to postpone their wedding towards the end of this year.

We wish love and laughter to the couple and hope they tie their knot in an equally magical moment.

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