Found: 12 Best Beauty Must-Haves to add to your makeup arsenal.

Trust me, these things actually work!

As someone who’s tried alllll of the products to get a flawless makeup, you can def trust me when I say these products are legit. As a bride-to-be, you might be maintaining a strict skincare routine to achieve the bridal-glow. However, you need to layer your beautiful skin with equally great makeup products to steal hearts with your bridal look.

Here are ten essential beauty products that should be a bride’s go-to-best friend this wedding season!



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It is always a smart idea to cleanse your face before applying make-up and cleansing it twice a day on a daily basis. This helps the bride get rid of black heads and impurities.


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The reality is make-up is composed of chemical products that can harm your skin. The best protection you have against it is applying a primer before your make-up application which acts as an extra layer between your skin and make-up. It also helps your make-up last longer and gives it a smooth finish.


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Being a bride is special but it gets hectic with all the running around to be at the rituals and manage everything perfectly. We believe your skin requires more rejuvenation at this time than any other. A face serum helps to hydrate and moisturize your skin as its lightweight texture delves deeper than just the surface. Thus, helping to soak in the other products perfectly.


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A concealer is a must-have for a bride. At times foundation cannot hide away everything, that is when a concealer takes the front seat. It works as a color corrector to mask away the blemishes, dark circle or unwanted visible pores.


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Make-up sponges or beauty blenders help you to apply your make-up hassle free and without smudging it. Opt for a beauty blender to get the sophisticated bridal make-up. Dampen it before applying foundation so that it soaks less of your makeup product.


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Eyelash extensions are always appreciated when it comes to bridal make-up. However, if you are the bride that prefers it the natural way, enhancing your lashes with the help of mascara is all you need on your D-Day! And don’t forget to curl it with an eyelash curler to get the perfect lashes.


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The key to keeping your make-up intact through the long hours during your wedding is the make-up setting powder or spray. It helps to keep the base make-up flawless and makes you look refreshing throughout.


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Lipstick is a make-up amenity endgame. It not only completes your entire look but adds volumes of glamour and makes you look gorgeous.


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A little sparkle and shine never hurt anyone. Highlighters give you an effortless look while appreciating your cheekbones just in the right way (and in some cases creating one!). Make sure you use the correct shade and apply it over the right areas to enhance your features.


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Folded and kept nicely inside your purse is the small little blotting paper that is a must for all the touch-ups you need to do throughout the day. It removes the excess make-up or oil from your skin to make you look picture-perfect!


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Who doesn’t love to give your face a natural rosy flush and chiseled jawline? Well, a blush and contour palette is all you need to get that lifted cheekbones,  rosy cheeks and enhanced facial features.


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Although baking powder is not a makeup essential but it surely perfects out the contouring, helps in brightening the under eye and reduces the creases.

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