Deepveer Or Virushka’s Jaimala? Here Are Some Jaimala Inspirations For The Couples Of 2020

Jaimala ideas for the millennial couples

Context: Buying the right jaimala (aka varmala) is essential to up your styling game for your D day. Yes! We totally believe jaimala should be taken seriously… Take it from our celeb couples who are always colour coordinated with the right jaimalas.

Now that we have talked about why we need it – let’s dive into the “which” part of choosing the right jaimala.

Dark to light and vis-a-vis, if you are opting for a dark colour for your outfit then choose light flowers for the jaimala that way it won’t camouflage, and it will complement your outfit. 

Single Colour Varmala, Rose Varmala, Indian Wedding
Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

Go Minimal – if you are someone who likes to keep it simple then these single string jaimalas are perfect for you. Strings of a single colour or a combination of two colours. These are not just beautiful, but also add character to your look.

Rose Jaimala, Rose Varmala, Varmala
Single Rose Strings
Bride & Groom: Monali Shah & Nikhil Jain

Classy feels – The carnations, orchids and simply mogra must be your picks if you are all about looking chic and want to opt for an ethereal look.

Carnation Jaimala, Jaimala, Varmala
Carnations Jaimala
Image courtesy: WhatWeddingsHow

Traditional- If you are someone who likes to keep it old school, then you can go for conventional semi-bulky garlands.

Traditional Jaimala, Varmala, Indian Wedding
Traditional Jaimala
Image courtesy: Wittyvows

Non-floral – These are easy to handle, suitable for destination weddings, or if you are sensitive to flowers.

Non-Floral Jaimala, Indian Wedding, Jaimala Designs
Image courtesy: Wedding Nama

Foliage – These are super cool and look breathtaking on the couples who are looking to quirk up their look.

Jaimala, Foliage Jaimala, Indian Wedding, Jaimala ideas
Image courtesy: Kalyanaramen Weddings

Fun fact: Jaimala goes way back with its mention in Vedas; it has significance in Hindu culture – it is believed that the Hindu gods married by exchanging garlands. Thus, it became part of every Hindu wedding irrespective of caste and religion. Jaimala is also the first ritual of the wedding ceremony.

Pro Tip: Pick a jaimala that stands out/contrasts and does not camouflage your outfits. Make sure your flowers are fresh, or it will kill the look of your outfit as its the second thing catching everyone’s attention. Don’t opt for bulky as it will hide your gear and accessories and can get really tricky. Check for any allergies you have. Last but not least it should also go with the wedding theme.

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