Quirky saree draping ideas suitable for Wedding, Sangeet, Haldi or Mehendi ceremony

Aren’t we all a little bored of wearing our sarees the traditional way? Well, we’ve rounded up some stylish ways to drape the six-yard wardrobe staple that will not only amp up your fashion quotient but also accentuate your curves even better!

So go on and try out these six different ways to drape your same old saree and look like the shows-topper at your next appearance!

The easiest way to make your saree look different is by adding a waist-whittling belt to it. You can drape your saree in a regular way,  add a shining belt or kamarband at your waistline to give it a modern-esque touch.

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An unconventional way that is going to make heads turn is to drape the pallu of the saree around your neck. To attain this style, the objective is to keep your pallu’s length long. Just wrap it around your neck like a scarf.

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A slightly different way to drape a saree is opting for the mermaid style. This style involves spreading out the lower pleats of the saree. If you are experimenting with this style make sure you choose a saree with contrast pallu to get the colour blocked look just like a lehenga-Saree.

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If you have it, flaunt it. Drape your saree pleats thinly and pin it on your shoulder. This is called the butterfly style and is a favourite draping style amongst the millennials.

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If you want to look like the fashion model you see on television, this is your chance. A very easy and common look at runways is draping the pallu in front instead of the traditional way of carrying it over your shoulder. This style is closely in sync with the way Gujratis wear their saree by pleating the pallu draping it from behind. You can opt to pleat it or leave it loose.

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The most popular way nowadays is to wear a pant underneath your saree and make side pleats. This easy, comfortable and chic way of draping a sari is often spotted on celebrities and influencers.

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Tell us which style of drape did you like the most?

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